1. I'm immortal
  2. I have superpowers that will awaken in me someday- specifically flying
  3. Someone, someday is going to hand me a huge sum of money with no strings attached
  4. I'm in The Truman Show
  5. The place where Jumanji sends you is real but the government is hiding it (still exploring the connection to Where the Wild Things Are)
  6. Winter is just the sun taking a nap
  7. My dad could have been the president (adult note: he in no way is connected to politics as a career)
  8. The Special Olympics came to New Haven, CT and we also hosted The Olympics that same week
  9. Every babysitter ever was the hottest chick on the planet by any reasonable measure
  10. Organism and Orgasm are the same word... Both still make me chuckle
  11. I absolutely was being groomed to be some kind of spy/superhero/hero from a young sge