1. I bought a lil house in Highland Park, which is a place I like and look forward to living in
  2. I got another dog, who is a goddamn terror, but he's also funny
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  3. I got to write two episodes of the show Clarence, which I thoroughly enjoy
  4. I got to make a TV pilot outta my web show Nerdist News
  5. I self-produced a VERY COOL pilot presentation which people liked enough
  6. #benmeklerisspacejam2
  7. I got to direct both Jack Black and Vin Diesel within a month
  8. I got to make a terrible 90s-style movie rap as a promotional piece for Goosebumps and Sony liked it so much they made it a real movie rap and put it in theaters
  9. My wife and I finally dressed up as Best Little Whorehouse Burt and Dolly for Halloween
  10. I got to work with a really amazing crew that happened to be 95% female for a project I'm real excited for people to see next year
  11. CREED