Because this is New York... "City of Dreams "or somethin'. And it's gross here.
  1. A toddler eat a receipt off the floor of the 145th St subway platform.
  2. A lady trying to file her nails with a hairbrush.
  3. A message on a Starbucks bathroom wall that said, "To hit it quick, call that bitch who gives out churros on 137th St."
  4. Someone crossed out "magic" in some of that "Protect Your Magic" sidewalk art and now it says "Protect Your Butthole".
  5. A girl shaving her bf's (?) head on the A train.
  6. A grown man with a bag of hot Cheetos tattooed on his leg.
  7. A man stepped on a cockroach in Herald Square... Then requested protection for its apparent orphaned family.
  8. A rat with half a tail and 3 legs.
  9. A gentle old woman tenderly asked me who Duane Reade was.
  10. A woman ordered a "Diet Coke and milk" at my bar.