1. "Potench"
    (n.) "Definite option. Potential candidate." SENTENCE:"(Scrolling through Netflix. Sees true crime doc) OOOOHHH, that's a potench."
  2. "Solouche"
    (n.) "Solution." SENTENCE: "I'm sure there's a solouche."
  3. "Happs"
    (v.) "To happen." SENTENCE: "So yeah, intermission happs and the second act starts..."
  4. "Fudgens"
    (n.) "Fuck Vanessa Hudgens." SENTENCE: "I call her Fudgens because she was dating Zac Efron who is my BF and it means FUCK VANESSA HUDGENS. I hate that bitch."
  5. "Smeck"
    (n.) "Second." SENTENCE: "Gimme just a smeck."
  6. "Inspiraish"
    (n.) "Enlightenment. Inspiration." SENTENCE: "Maybe we'll get some inspiraish from this 'Stage Door' video I'm going to force you to watch."
  7. "Jough" (pronounced "juff")
    (n.) "Julianne Hough." SENTENCE: "I'm going to VOMIT when I see Jough".
  8. "Per youge"
    (adv.) "Per usual. Typical." SENTENCE: "The Uber driver is confused af. Per youge."
  9. "Attench"
    (n.) "Undivided focus." SENTENCE: "Yeah, we should watch something funny because I'm not even paying attench."