Who knows Black Betty by Ram Jam?
  1. Mom: What song is this?
  2. Me (Jade): Black betty. What's black Betty mean?
  3. Mom: It's a black woman
  4. J: It could be something else
  5. M: No. It couldn't. I know what it means, that's what it means.
  6. Jade, Dad: It could be literally anything else. They're a buncha white dudes. Why would they be singing that
  7. M: No.
  8. J:You didn't even know what this song was like 5 minutes ago
  9. M: That's what it means, I know it does. & I actually did know this song before I just haven't heard it in a while. I said that.
  10. J: Nobody actually knows a songs meaning...unless you wrote it
  11. M: *Violently shaking head* It's about a black woman.
  12. J: Ok mom okay