OH You're Cool

The moment I knew I liked you
  1. A is for Andres
    I knew we'd be something from second we met. Well, our eyes actually met. You just have this way about you that I like.
  2. B is for Benjamin & Stephanie because I ran out of letters to put Stephanie in.
    I knew we'd be friends when you poured out your hipster, Jesus loving, beautiful souls to me. My favorite couple. My favorite people. I love you both so much it's probably creepy.
  3. C is for Kenneth.
    Don't ask. The absolute sassiest man on the planet. I knew I liked you when you fired accurate insults at people & dgaf & then we chatted about life for a solid 30 minutes.
  4. D is for Dustin
    I knew we'd be friends when I saw your outfits. Point blank. Well dressed & witty, I like.
  5. E is for Emma-Sarah
    My best friend who's always there. I knew we'd be something when I FINALLY made it to your lunch table. After (yet again) moving to a new school in 7th grade, your sense of humor & ridiculous cackle drew me in after my terrible first 6 days with 2 different groups of weirdos.
  6. F is for
  7. G is for Garrett
    My brother. I knew I liked you when you grew up & stopped being a jerk. Just a cool kid who I love very much because only you know what it's like to go through the life we did. Why we love Houston so much & hated Indiana so much more. Dealing with that, getting over it, & finding a way back south but finding happiness up north. Our parents, differing opinions, and learning to love through all of the unsettling stuff. Nothing like that sibling bond. Also, we both love Tech & cool things so duh
  8. H is for Hannah.
    I knew I liked you when you shared your actual life probs. Hannah W. - I knew when you said "YEAH" & meant it. Hannah L.- I knew when we could just yell about TV shows & life & laugh at the same parts.
  9. I is for Tola Ibikunle
    I knew I liked you when you threw so much sass back at the track coach & anyone who walked in your general direction with no regrets. I miss you.
  10. J is for Jung
    I knew I liked you when you were you. (Loud, funny, and friendly) Choir & study hall together showed me what an interesting person you are. NorthWest Indiana is not diverse compared to Houston. I missed culture. Your life story is ridiculous & we went from there.
  11. K is for Daniel Keim
    That weird handshake gave me everything I needed to know. Same sense of humor, same values. Dating Jadonna. God Bless You.
  12. L is for Lindsey
    I knew we'd be friends for life over the course of this year living together. The most genuine, loving, sweet, good person. Everyone needs a Lindsey.
  13. M is for Mary
    My college best friend. I knew during first year of architecture school we would be friends when you also had no idea what you were doing. We still don't. #OnlyFriendAtBSU you truly are one of a kind.
  14. N is for Nick
    I love you. I knew we'd be friends when you laughed at my jokes first year & showed me cool music. Then things got even more real when we realized our mutual, sick sense of humor.
  15. O is for Maddie O'Dea
    I knew we'd be friends when your bubbly self just roped me into a conversation only close friends would have after 0.2 seconds of meeting. In the hallway of MHS after school. Bonus points for the Bootcut jeans @ the time. Idk why.
  16. P is for
  17. Q is for Quin
    I knew we'd be in each other's lives when I met you and your siblings for the first time. Moms best friends 4 kids. It's rare that my friends, my brothers friends, and my parents friends overlap.
  18. R is for Jadonna Robinson
    I knew I liked you and we'd be friends for a long time when you got all up in my personal space witcha wide eyes & showered me with compliments within 10 minutes of meeting. SO much love for you & your interracial marriage too boo.
  19. S is for Shea
    I knew I liked you when 1) we went to elementary school together & grew up in Houston together. Houston makes cool people. 2) We reunited 10 years later in Phoenix so randomly & we connected on so many levels it was the most refreshing thing I've ever experienced. 3) When you made tacos & cookies 4) on Twitter. Follow @shea_k_n_bake
  20. T is for Tatiana
    I knew I liked you when you introduced yourself like the boss you've always been. Always 5 steps ahead of the game your life story is freakin fascinating & I will always have mad respect for you, you beautiful Columbian muse.
  21. U is for Gigi Urbaniak
    I knew we'd be friends when we kept laughing at the same stuff. Like for real laughing. I thought we were so different & we'd never get along long term, but we still here. Munster Community Pool seriously brings people together. And Maddie. She gets the gang in formation. Also, you're an absolutely beautiful & cunning, independent person. Love.
  22. V is for Vivian/Viv/Vivvy/Aunt Viv
    I knew we'd be sisters when we met at church & I saw another half black half white family & we clicked. Sibling to sibling to sibling to sibling to sibling to sibling. Everyone had a match age wise. A first time having a family wide bond like that.
  23. W is for Danyel Wilson
    Ahh my college roommate. I knew I liked you when you laughed at my joke. "I thought you'd be black with your name spelled like that" You're my favorite person. I knew we'd be friends when you and your quirky self just put the awkward into everything & never apologized for it.
  24. X is for
  25. Y is for
  26. Z is for