Screenshots I Have on My Phone, Explained

Clap backs, texts from best friends, babies & Beyoncé
  1. I got snapchat back for 5 minutes, replied to my sister in laws 5 week old snap & this is what I get.
  2. Queen Bey just needs to know my love for her talent is so deep it scares me
  3. CAP: College of Architecture and Planning (my college) @ Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (like in parks & rec, yes)
    Muncie is a beautiful place. Make like Jerry/Gary/Larry and visit it.
  4. Legit didn't see the word "back"
    Apple news being ruthless af
  5. Things I think about tweeting & then don't
  6. Tweets from my favorite rapper
  7. Siri & my nephew 😊
  8. If this was 2007 & I still had limited texting you would not see this level of desperation from me
  9. Lol
  10. Memes in the group chat after our presentation that got ripped apart second year
    We still thought it went well at the time. Lol so naive
  11. When ya best friend has 2 best friends & she lets you KNOW
    Document that to pull out in court down the line
  12. My favorite comment of all time