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  1. The Election Subplot
    What office was Fiona even running for? Congress? State Senate? Fire Commissioner?
  2. "Someone has deficated on the Bentley..."
    I guess since he wrote a poop joke, Jason Mann is a human. Just an unfunny one.
  3. Why did a hooker show up again?
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This list doesn't include all the beer, whiskey and rose (we had a bottle that needed finishing) I stress drank...
  1. Nachos
  2. Those new mini Snickers that have peanut butter instead of peanuts
  3. French Fries
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  1. Don't Stop Believin'
    Either the Journey or the Glee version will do.
  2. Reason to Believe
    I think Rod Stewart once had hair like Syndergaard.
  3. I Believe In A Thing Called Love
    The video for this song involved a space octopus banging a spaceship. I feel like thats an allegory for the series so far...
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  1. Andy Kaufman is buried in right field of Kauffman Stadium.
  2. If you hit a home run into the waterfalls at the stadium, George Brett has to be your chauffeur for a week.
  3. Lorde did not write "Royals" as a tribute to the team. It's actually about Gene Hackman's performance in "The Royal Tenenbaums."
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  1. Michael Chilklis
  2. Jesse Plemmons
  3. Jonathan Banks
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I mean, the mostly terrible food served at that lovely, lovable dump...
  1. Kahn's Hotdogs
    The secret to them is that all of the dogs were boiled in the same pot of water for the entire season.
  2. RC Cola
    It was pretty cool that a soda existed that allowed you to physically feel your teeth rot as you drank it.
  3. Dippin' Dots
    The future of ice cream or the dystopian future of ice cream?
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  1. Free Refills at Starbucks
    I'm a Gold Member. No biggie. The 'Bucks just likes to recognize true-ass ballerz.
  2. Return Broken Stuff to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Get Them To Replace It With A New One
    "No Hassle Return Policy" is the greatest four word combo in the world.
  3. One time we actually came out $20 ahead on a Kurig
    With the BB&B return policy plus coupon plus rebate, we got paid to have a coffee machine.
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I can't believe it's been 15 years...
  1. I was 22 and living in a studio apartment in the UES... with a roommate.
    It was also a fourth floor walk-up facing an alley where McDonalds dumped its trash, so I had that going for me.
  2. I was working my first job out of college.
    I was a PA for Comedy Central's "TV Funhouse." My bosses once made me go to a Duane Reade at 11 pm to buy 4 boxes of tissues and many bottles of hand lotion for a scene they were shooting. I was inly the 3rd weirdest person at the drug store.
  3. My hair was there.
    My head game was TWIGHT.
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  1. Juan Samuel
  2. Vince Coleman
  3. Tom Glavine
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