Goddamn it, I dig breakfast burritos.
  1. Machos Tacos (Los Feliz)
    Creamy refried beans. Warm tortilla. Eggs and cheese. I miss living near there.
  2. 101 Cafe (Hollywood)
    I walk in thinking I'm gonna get the Mikey Fitz, but I always wind up with the burrito. If you order hashbrowns, ask for them well done and they'll come out like fat latkes.
  3. Mixto (Silver Lake)
    The "house" burrito has eggs and they serve it all day. I want to serve it to my mouth all day.
  4. Simple Truth Organics (My Freezer)
    It's not great, but it's good enough. Why hate on a poor frozen breakfast burrito? I mean, it's better than not eating a breakfast burrito.