Sometimes I can't help myself...
  1. Free Refills at Starbucks
    I'm a Gold Member. No biggie. The 'Bucks just likes to recognize true-ass ballerz.
  2. Return Broken Stuff to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Get Them To Replace It With A New One
    "No Hassle Return Policy" is the greatest four word combo in the world.
  3. One time we actually came out $20 ahead on a Kurig
    With the BB&B return policy plus coupon plus rebate, we got paid to have a coffee machine.
  4. Keihls Free Samples
    Just walk in. They'll give you small packets. Then take out your own ziplock and spoon to scoop out cream from the communal sample canisters.
  5. Brunch at Costco and Trader Joes
    Yes I will have 10 mini coffees, TJs. Yes I will loiter by your toaster oven until that frozen frittata is warm-ish, Costco.