Project Greenlight strikes again...
  1. The Election Subplot
    What office was Fiona even running for? Congress? State Senate? Fire Commissioner?
  2. "Someone has deficated on the Bentley..."
    I guess since he wrote a poop joke, Jason Mann is a human. Just an unfunny one.
  3. Why did a hooker show up again?
  4. And just because he had a hooker in "The Leisure Class" how was this script like "Not Another Pretty Woman?"
  5. Jason Mann spent more time thinking the dicks drawn on the Senator's face then he did on actual story.
  6. The Improv
    Just because a British person says something on the spot, it doesn't make it funny. Good improv comes from character work. Unfortunately, good characters weren't created in this script.
  7. The Pillow Fight/Not Roller Skating Scene(let)
    I hope this wasn't the setup that made Twojay question crew safety.
  8. Leonard's Clothes
    We get it. He's British. He's impish. Ugh to ascot over sleeveless T shirt.