Everyone knows "that guy". The one you are secretly embarrassed of. Here is a list of traits to watch out for:
  1. The Gimme Guy
    This is the type of person that gets off on the power of telling someone else what to do. "Gimme some white rice." "Gimme black beans" "Gimme some of that chicken". Gimme? How old are you? In what world is it cool to say "gimme". You know who you are. Stop doing that. Seriously, you sound like a toddler.
  2. The Let's Do Guy
    This is the type of person that thinks a chipotle order is a team exercise. They may even compliment the employee on their ability to achieve incredibly hard tasks, like scooping rice. "Let's do some white rice, let's do some black beans and um.. Let's do some steak.. Yeah, hell of a scoop. You know what's up." If you don't see how condescending that is, may god have mercy on your soul. "We" aren't doing anything. It's your burrito you ass.
  3. The Side Guy
    If you order all your condiments on the side, you're the side guy. I don't get this person. Why make someone individually package all the parts to your burrito, hold up the line, so you can mix everything together in 5 seconds anyway. There is something wrong with you. Let your ingredients be friends. You borderline support segregation!
  4. The Overflow Guy
    This is the type of person that "wants to get their money's worth". They go out of their way to order double everything. Except meat, because that would cost money. "Can I have extra rice, extra beans, extra corn, extra lettuce, extra cheese." Then they are the ones who are shocked when their burrito has a blowout and asks for it to be rewrapped. Is this your last meal? Why? Just why?
  5. The Beans and Cheese Guy
    This is the type of person who goes to chipotle and pays $7+ dollars for a bean and cheese burrito. Those ingredients can be purchased at any grocery store for 1/4 the price and are pretty standard across the board. Why would you wait in line for that? Seriously if anyone knows, please tell me.