I Shaved My Head

okay it's not totally shaved but i've never had Short hair before
  1. i had a terrible day
    i was manic and i got bad news and i was like ..... time to Freak Out™
  2. i needed to do something Dramatic™
    drama fuels me!!! i need attention
  3. so i impulsively had my friend buzz my hair and tbh i like it a lot
    i wanted it a little longer but it's about the length of jean seberg's hair circa à bout de souffle so i dig it
  4. it's also my natural color bc my roots had grown out so much
    it's exactly the color of my brother's hair and it's the same cut he had when he was growing up which freaks me out but i love it
  5. after i left my friend's house i drove home on the interstate with all the windows down
    no hair blowing in my face!!! i listened to hallelujah on repeat and i felt cleansed
  6. i feel better now
    i think it's funny because last thanksgiving i pierced my nose and this thanksgiving i shaved my head. my poor grandparents