movies that FUCKT ME UP at a young age

  1. eyes wide shut
    fifth grade, i watched it bc i thought nicole kidman was cool, my mom forbid me from watching it but i stole her vhs tape from the living room and watched it in my room in the middle of the night with headphones plugged into my tv and my face only a few inches away, it terrified me and it changed me
  2. secretary
    seventh grade, i watched it with my dad, at the time i cut myself and my dad knew it and it was incredibly awkward and the only thing we EVER discussed about that movie is how attractive maggie gyllenhaal is
  3. the dreamers
    didnt see this until recently, but my mom bought it for me my freshman year of highschool, when i was an easily-influenced and newly-sexual creature, if it fucked me up now, imagine just HOW fucked up i would be if i watched it when my mom gave it to me all those years ago
  4. it
    very young, i had severe clown-related anxiety for years, i am still terrified