1. so i went on sort of a drug binge
  2. left my house and went to my friends house and played ps4 but i fell asleep
  3. had to leave for a class
  4. the class was awful i am failing amd i only got a 61% on my test and i want to die bc im trying so hard
  5. another friend texts me, wants to hang out
  6. im like "dude im deadass suicidal i need to be alone i just wanna lay in bed"
  7. she launches into this big thing about how shes suicidal too
    but don't i have a right to take care of myself first???
  8. i have no money for gas to get to her place anyway, and she also ljterally just asked me if she could borrow money
  9. i feel like a bad friend but more importantly i had time to cry ALONE
  10. update: i have no memory of making this list