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  1. 'I'm so pissed I want to spit'
    Captain Hennessy
  2. Be still, Cody
  3. If you're not against me don't cross the line.
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'Get lots of rest' her doctor said. 'Start watching Game Of Thrones' her friends said.
  1. First question: why can't I watch hbo now on my smart tv? I will figure this out by this weekend.
  2. I've seen the first episode twice before so I'm starting on the second episode.
  3. The little person man brother is slapping the young blond brother and I feel like he deserves it because his face is a bothersome shape.
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I erase my history almost every week because it's highly likely I'm looking up something weird.
  1. TPP, TPA, and TAA
    BC I'm trying to know what the fuck NPR is talking about all the time.
  2. Joe Biden Young
    A friend told me she has a crush on him now that she knows he was smokin' back in his younger days. 👌🏽ace.
  3. What do funky fusion potato chips taste like?
    Why call chips something obscure, who would even buy them? Google told me they are sweet, salt and vinegar onion ring flavor with a slightly sour citrus and barely recognizable notes of earthy garlic. WHAT? Bye.
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Just a psa I have so many thoughts that hold so much more importance than this, however, I need a break and feel like taking one of these women out on a date would make the world a better place. Never mind the fact that 2/3rds are wifed up. Also I keep updating the number of women on here because I keep thinking of people to add!!!
  1. Kate McKinnon
    Everything. Three dates please.
  2. Lena Waithe
    Political, funny, dapper. What more could a girl want?
  3. Rachel Maddow
    Her voice ::swoon:: also she's badass.
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  1. Drinking too much caffeine
    This is not weird but I'm anxious today so the effect is that I FEEL like the target lady from SNL.
  2. Stress eating tic tacs
    My office has an odd supply of tic tacs and I've started eating them as a way to manage because I'm not actually that hungry but feel like I need to eat.
  3. Being absurdly friendly to the office dog
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I don't really care for Halloween, but I hope to one day have a fancy ass party to go to and therefore rock a costume as fiercely as this family. They've been blowing up in the inter webs for being black Barbie and Ken, but we really just need to step back and review all of their costumes since 2013.
  1. 2013
    Beyoncé is an angel (always) this year. Blue Ivy is a bumblebee. This seems to be the first year she dips her toe into costuming for Halloween and it's really about Beyoncé this year. The Victoria's Secret angel thing here is a hint of what she's about to drop in her self titled visual album, Beyoncé.
  2. 2014
    Blue Ivy kills it with this MJ number. This year we start to see some idols and influences for Bey and Jay, and since Blue Ivy is a part of the crew, she can be the star (for one night only.)
  3. 2014
    Frida & Basquiat & a regular Blue Ivy. Moving from music idols to artists, I love that this was not a group costume and really gives us a glimpse into Bey and Jays individual interests so we as observers can really go all TMZ to make all sorts of assumptions and conclusions about who they are as people and what they're trying to tell us about their deepest secrets through this one night of costuming.
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  1. This is not a question but I just genuinely don't remember the beginning of this movie.
  2. Where do the stairs in Max's room lead to? So angsty the way he runs up them just to sit at the top.
  3. Since when is this normal?
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  1. 99% of Megan gifs = Megan fox
  2. 😻😹
  3. Childhood with my brother.
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  1. Get a cat
  2. Don't get a cat
  3. Ughhhhhhhh my friends need to learn how to give the best advice.