All the times Beyoncé, JayZ, and Blue Ivy slayed at Halloween.

I don't really care for Halloween, but I hope to one day have a fancy ass party to go to and therefore rock a costume as fiercely as this family. They've been blowing up in the inter webs for being black Barbie and Ken, but we really just need to step back and review all of their costumes since 2013.
  1. 2013
    Beyoncé is an angel (always) this year. Blue Ivy is a bumblebee. This seems to be the first year she dips her toe into costuming for Halloween and it's really about Beyoncé this year. The Victoria's Secret angel thing here is a hint of what she's about to drop in her self titled visual album, Beyoncé.
  2. 2014
    Blue Ivy kills it with this MJ number. This year we start to see some idols and influences for Bey and Jay, and since Blue Ivy is a part of the crew, she can be the star (for one night only.)
  3. 2014
    Frida & Basquiat & a regular Blue Ivy. Moving from music idols to artists, I love that this was not a group costume and really gives us a glimpse into Bey and Jays individual interests so we as observers can really go all TMZ to make all sorts of assumptions and conclusions about who they are as people and what they're trying to tell us about their deepest secrets through this one night of costuming.
  4. 2015
    This is possibly my fav of all time. 2015 brings the official first group costume and I couldn't love it anymore than I do. That's all. Look at little Blue.
  5. 2016
    Salt n Pepa. I love that the Carters are educating Blue Ivy through Halloween costumes and not just dressing up as witches (but that's an opportune moment to teach about the Salem Witch trials and feminism and women's rights.) I digress. Hip hop history and art history. All around women's badassery.
  6. 2016
    Black Barbie and Ken. drops mic.