I erase my history almost every week because it's highly likely I'm looking up something weird.
  1. TPP, TPA, and TAA
    BC I'm trying to know what the fuck NPR is talking about all the time.
  2. Joe Biden Young
    A friend told me she has a crush on him now that she knows he was smokin' back in his younger days. 👌🏽ace.
  3. What do funky fusion potato chips taste like?
    Why call chips something obscure, who would even buy them? Google told me they are sweet, salt and vinegar onion ring flavor with a slightly sour citrus and barely recognizable notes of earthy garlic. WHAT? Bye.
  4. Moonlight show times
    Saw this last night. My heart melted in a million ways.
  5. Out women 🏳️‍🌈
    ::see previous list:: I just wanted to look at pictures of queen queers.
  6. What time does SNL air?
    Watched this LIVE on Saturday, have watched it on Hulu for so long I had no idea what time to watch. FYI it's on really late.
  7. What time do we find out who is President?
    This sounds like a 5th grader asked this question but I have no shame. I have so many questions about the way things are run in this country. To paraphrase someone on election night 'walmart is open 24 hours a day, yet polling places close at 6 fucking 30.' If that isn't a direct correlation to systemic racism I don't know what is. And truly why don't we take a week to count the votes, why not even take a week for voting - seems important enough?! 💪🏼raising fist at capitalist patriarchy.
  8. Waxing vs waning
    Lunar cycles are my jam
  9. Catching frogs in dreams
    Not as important or relevant to my life as I thought it was that morning.
  10. Tina Belcher Christmas sweater
    Yay or nay?