Weird shit I'm doing on Election Day

  1. Drinking too much caffeine
    This is not weird but I'm anxious today so the effect is that I FEEL like the target lady from SNL.
  2. Stress eating tic tacs
    My office has an odd supply of tic tacs and I've started eating them as a way to manage because I'm not actually that hungry but feel like I need to eat.
  3. Being absurdly friendly to the office dog
  4. Imagining I'm going to get into a fist fight with trump voters after work by the dumpster.
    Am I 13? No I'm almost 30.
  5. I just ate a box of tic tacs. My breath is really fucking fresh.
  6. Scheduling things for tomorrow to remind myself that today will pass
  7. Being super indecisive about plans tonight.
    Where do I want to be when I start crying for better or worse? Do I want moral support hugs from people I know or from strangers or from fellow queers who are strangers and therefore not strangers at all? Should I start drinking again? Lead a meditation circle? Dance for 5 hours? Go to bed at 6pm and when I wake up I'll be in Oz? What is normal? What is life?
  8. Restless leg syndrome
    This is new
  9. Opened a new box of tic tacs.
    I kind of feel like a chipmunk.
  10. Working
    New coping mechanism