Again, inspired by a lot of people but it was a big year of concerts for me.
  1. Journey-Energy Solutions Arena
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    Thanks to local businesses for throwing huge concerts for their employees. And thanks to those employees for not being able to go and giving their tickets to my friends. Hearing 'Lights' live was like a dream come true
  2. Ingrid Michaelson-The Complex
    Such a fun concert. Definitely in the smallest venue of all this year's concerts
  3. One Direction-Qualcomm Stadium
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    My third time seeing them, this time with floor seats. It was amazing. And I was worried that it would be weird sans Zayn but it was better? (I feel like some people might kill me for saying that)
  4. Shania Twain-ESA
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    Childhood dream come true right here. And no one else I'd rather see her with than my mom and sisters. The ultimate girl's night. So fun!
  5. Taylor Swift-Petco Park
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    Ugh so amazing. T-Swift definitely knows how to put on a show. Everyone had glowing bracelets on so that was awesome. And we had awesome floor seats and she flew above us on her magical catwalk. Plus Vance Joy and Shawn Mendes opened for her. Oh and she had Omi and Avril Lavigne as guests. And it was a fun sister trip. Did I say too much about it?
  6. Garth Brooks-Vivint Smart Home Arena (formerly ESA)
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    I'm a recent country music fan and basically started listening to Garth because my friends and I bought these tickets. But it was a great decision because it was an amazing concert. He performed for practically 2 1/2 hours straight, after doing three shows in the two days before. So so good. Also it was on Halloween so Trisha came out dressed as Elphaba. It was amazing!