1. My roommate left town for Christmas Break which means I can take her covered parking spot
  2. Just remembered I have half a bag of pizza rolls in my freezer
    Especially when I remembered how much money's not in my bank account
  3. I made $28 in tips at work
    Sure, it was a day from hell and I worked three hours longer than I was scheduled, but I made a pretty penny so...
  4. Dinner with my fave former co-worker
  5. My best friend remembered I had a job interview yesterday and asked me about
    Legit brought me to tears because he's dating someone so I haven't really hung out with him in months. I thought it was so nice of him to remember
  6. Today was actually pretty 💯
    Confession: that's the first time I've ever used that emoji. Not sure what it actually means so did I use it right? I'm so unsure now...