It's Christmas season which means tons of parties requiring white elephant gifts. I'm terrible at finding funny things to give because mostly they're only funny to me. So give me your ideas!
  1. Toilet seat
    Suggested by a co-worker. Especially funny with "Tinkle tinkle little star" stickers
  2. Ceramic hand print ornament
    Like the one you have from when you were a baby. Mostly funny because adult hand prints are way too big for the mold
  3. Gold fish
    The animal, not the delicious crackers
  4. Disposable camera
    Got this last week at a party. Even funnier if half the film is used up with your own pictures
  5. Bowling ball
    My kind of white elephant gift- funny and also practical
  6. That's all I've got. What are your go-to white elephant gifts?