Omg I am so excited about this!
  1. I've been out of town for a few days so I decided to check the mail
    Mostly because my roommates never do and I don't want to miss utility bills and stuff
  2. In the back of my mind, I wished my gift would be there
  3. And it was!!!
    Such a happy moment
  4. I ran (literally) inside so I could open it
  5. First thing: adorable bubble mailer!!
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    Adorable snowman!
  6. Inside was a festive card and two presents
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    A really cute festive card!
  7. And such a thoughtful letter!
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    I feel like you know me already! I can't wait to be list app friends!
  8. Okay then I ripped open the gifts because I was so excited
  9. So perfect for me!
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    I love love love list pads (I have quite the collection!) and I've had my eye on this Alex and Ani bracelet for months!! 😍
  10. Thank you so much @kelrie I love it so so much!!
  11. And thanks be to @ChrisK for putting it all together!
    This was probably the most fun thing of the season for me!!
  12. Also, my friends were around when I opened it and they were all totes jealous of the friendship and sense of community on @list