1. Writing books
    I love love love a good book but I'm terrible at putting my own thoughts into writing. Authors are amazing
  2. Cheerleading
    I woke up early on Saturday mornings as a kid to watch cheer competitions but I could barely do a somersault.
  3. Dancing
    Like drill team, dance company dancing
  4. Figure skating
    Nope, I can barely skate at all. There's no way I could ever get myself to jump on skates. No way
  5. Gymnastics
    I watch the 2012 Olympics routines at least once every six months. I love it but there's no way I could ever run full speed at a stationary object and twist and turn or even hang from the uneven bars or walk across the balance beam or tumble the way gymnasts do
  6. Sculptures
    The thought of chiseling away at a block of marble and creating something recognizable is ridiculous to me. I saw Michelangelo's David in real life and it blew me away.