You know, just in case he ever gets on List App and happens to find this list...
  1. First off, I ❤️ you and you're my favorite member of 1D
    This is a very controversial opinion
  2. I love you, even though your voice is a little crazy sometimes, even though you're a baby daddy, even though you've been seen around Chicago with another girl
  3. Here's what I want you to know:
  4. You have a great voice, so sing out!
    I feel like a lot of your live performances are hesitant and nervous. But you know what? You know your parts! You know the words! So don't be nervous!
  5. Also, please don't become a huge druggie
    Because you have a natural tendency to look high and scraggly and I don't want it to get worse if you're a complete pothead or something. Though I'm a little worried you already are?
  6. Also, stop posting pictures of you getting a tattoo on your butt and other things like that
    I'm sorry, I'm one of your biggest fans and even I don't want to see that
  7. But most of all dear, sweet Louis,
  8. Never forget that you are an important, loved member of One Direction
    Don't forget where you belong!
  9. HBD Tommo 🎉