Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. 7th grade class schedule- first semester
    1-gym 2-TLC 3-pre algebra 4-art 5-general music 6-science 7-English
  2. Old library card number
  3. The Greek alphabet
    Comes in handy for crosswords and jeopardy so I guess it's not too unimportant
  4. Songs from 4th grade Gold Rush musical
    "We're Argonauts/we're going nuts" "I'm just one pan away from striking pay dirt" "Studebaker's got wheelbarrows/Levi's got his old blue jean"
  5. High school ID number
  6. Raps to Justin Bieber songs
    As Long As You Love Me and Beauty & A Beat are where it's at
  7. On a similar note, B.O.B.'s verses in Magic
  8. The Preamble
    Thanks Schoolhouse Rock