7 out of 10 times when someone says this, he/she mean NO

Some people just don't know how to break it to you. Here are a list of key words and phrases that will help you identify the underlying meaning
  1. Maybe
    "Hey do you wanna come to No Shower Happy Hour with us after work?" "Uh yeah, maybe" — Truth: that person is not going to No Shower Happy Hour with you. They just don't have an excuse ready so that's what they say instead.
  2. We'll see
    Used interchangeably with "Maybe"
  3. I'll think about it
    Used interchangeably with "We'll see" and "Maybe"
  4. I have to ask my mom
    ABORT. ABORT. This is just a hard NO. This is a total cop out and both parties know it. It's very obvious that said person is not going to ask their mom...especially if they're over the age of 17 years old. (I'm not going to lie though, I have used this a couple times.)