1. Steve
  2. Cleo
  3. Bertrand
  4. Wizard People: Dear Reader
  5. National Parks
  6. David Foster Wallace stories
  7. Venetian masks
  8. Travel with loved ones
  9. Interesting and attractive antiques
  10. Art
  11. Actual books made of paper
  12. Unique crafts made of corks
  13. Remarkable gardens
  14. A-Z Pinot noir
  15. Ewan Mcgregor's face
  16. Real magic
  17. People with lovely delusions
  18. The fact any of us could just be a person with lovely delisions
  19. Mexican tile
  20. Getting a bonus, a raise, and tons of compliments all at once.
  21. Novels referencing Derrida and Wittgenstein
  22. Peter Doig paintings
  23. Clocks and compasses
  24. Warm weather
  25. Red velvet cake
  26. Appropriately curated taxidermy
  27. John Williams soundtracks
  28. Dry Gin
  29. Butts
  30. Cheers seasons 1-5
    Bc wtf is Cheers without Diane Chambers?
  31. Bupropion
    If SSRI's aren't your speed let me endorse this beautiful shit.
  32. Calvin and Hobbes
  33. Harry Potter books
  34. Moonstar
  35. Tetrahydrocannabinol
  36. The word 'Helsinki'
    Never been but strong city name
  37. Austin TX
  38. Piñatas
  39. Beating everyone at Monopoly always
    And usually scrabble
  40. Sex
  41. High Quality Chapstick
    Blistex medicated and Berts Bees both apply here
  42. The fact that you can buy cool cheap glasses now.
    A superficial triumph of Internet capitalism
  43. Well-fitting boxerbriefs.
    On dudes. But also maybe they are great for us ladies to wear I dunno.
  44. Warm puppy tummies
  45. Halloween
  46. Turbans
    Is it ok if I culturally appropriate turbans since Americans have no large history of persecuting Sikh people or is it racist of me to want to wear a turban because TSA doesn't know what Islam is? I still don't rly get where the line of acceptability is when it comes to cultural appropriation bc as a rule I strongly support cultural integration in a diverse world.
  47. Tap dancing
  48. Preschool teachers who play the guitar
  49. The enjoyable experience of universes colliding
    Like a movie with a familiar star, the guest list at a wedding, or a fun coincidence
  50. Tequila, lime & Grapefruit juice
  51. Ken Burns documentaries
  52. The following words:
    Insofar, rhetoric, oil, shampoo, bun, throat, blood, wiggle, bear, rapture, broom, wallop
  53. Banjos
  54. Endearing clumsiness
  55. Ken Kesey
    And Ken Babbs. Generally the whole collective of culturally important beats/merrypranksters/postbeats/hippies of the baba ram dass era.
  56. Miller Lite
  57. Gollum
  58. Cats with expressive faces
  59. Nabokov & Palahniuk novels
  60. Hot glue
  61. Forests
  62. Beaches
  63. Teeny baby hands
    But like only on actual babies
  64. Eyes
  65. Repurposed tin cans
  66. Shit covered in sour sugar
  67. Twigs in candlesticks
  68. Enjoyable siblings
  69. Pistachios
  70. Speaking without articles
    One of my very best friends was born in Korea and moved to he US at age 8. He speaks neither Korean nor English particularly accurately. He's one of the coolest people I know.
  71. Being Ron Swanson
  72. Tattoos that look like biology textbook illustrations
  73. Lemon curd with raspberries
  74. Party Down
    The 2009-2010 starz show
  75. Black tie attire
  76. Ceiling mounted copper cookware
  77. Dip
    It's the actual best food group
  78. Nachos
    Like dip without the work
  79. Well executed menswear on women
  80. Chocolate chip muffins
  81. Adorably colored kitchenaid standing mixers
  82. Caves
  83. Beergaritas
  84. Moe's Southwest Grill
  85. Hummus
  86. Harvey Pekar
  87. Knitting
  88. Big Fish & When Harry Met Sally
  89. Receiving oral sex
  90. Tito's vodka
  91. Window shopping at restoration hardware
  92. Window shopping stoned at bass pro shop
  93. Winning the rose bowl
    1998 was fun I think
  94. Bonding with others in mutual disdain
  95. Quartz
  96. Spandex pants from target
    Poor girls lulu lemons
  97. Ruggles green
    Anywhere I can sit in the sun, drink half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc eating a chicken Caesar wrap, and watch puppies and toddlers play and giggle is a-ok with me.
  98. Light brown leather purses
    4 lyfe
  99. Warm salsa, curses, and society6 throw pillows
    Listapp says this is as long as a list as I can make. I'm glad I maxed out on a list of things that make me joyful. This is a happy list.