1. Why is all I can do right now lay on the floor?
  2. Is it because I'm still totally exhausted from Saturday night?
  3. Is it because I forgot to take my happy pills yesterday?
  4. Is it because my happy pills are already dropping in efficacy after such a good few weeks post raising my dose?
  5. Is it because hubs didn't check in?
  6. Is it because hungry?
  7. Is it because my mother emailed?
    Probably this one.
  8. Is it because I feel too ugly to go outside to get my packages from the landlord?
  9. Is it because we keep pouring rent into the abyss at the rate of a 30 year mortgage on a half million dollar house?
    For 720 sf in a crap neighborhood of Houston?
  10. Is it because hubs told our friends we can see them at Xmas but in fact we absolutely cannot because the mothers have us literally scheduled every waking hour we are up north?
    Also probably.
  11. Is it because I have total inelasticity of demand from the world around me?
  12. Is it social media?
  13. Is it too many negative articles about the economy consumed today?
  14. Is it how everything I read tells me my inability to get off the floor makes me racist and ineffectual at supporting social goodness?
  15. Oh shit this song is good.