1. Someone made a list about being born in 1997 and only sort of being familiar with qwerty keyboards.
    But did not refer to them as qwerty keyboards because for gods sake 1997.
  2. I have been with my husband since roughly the age someone born in 1997 is now.
    Good lord they're like even almost grown humans who can drink underage and make bad fun choices.
  3. I remember a time without Internet.
    It was a beautiful magical time.
  4. Honestly lack of Internet and current level of Internet cannot even compare to the majesty of the era of Internet.
    I used to run this pretty baller Harry Potter RPG geocities site when I was 12.
  5. Do people born in 1997 even remember 9/11?
    What even does the ability to remember 9/11 mean?
  6. It means you can claim to #neverforget for one thing.
  7. Ok I was merely born in 1990 but as the youngest in both my family and office it's rare that I interact with people under 30 excepts hubs who is younger but has much premature grey hair and life wisdom.
  8. Is this what dying is like?
  9. Even baby brother-in-law was born in 1995 guys like what are humans born after this doing walking the earth as actual people?
  10. There are less than 4 months until I enter my upper twenties.
  11. Are people born in 1997 having sex?!
  12. Are people born in 1990 having sex with people born in 1997?!!
    Stop it pedos.
  13. Here is thing about me that seem old.
    Gramps was in WWII. Not Korea not Vietnam. Hitler war.
  14. Here is other thing of old.
    Gram was born when Calvin Coolidge was president. That's 2 presidents before FDR.
  15. More old.
    My parents met in the same year as the moon landing. (In all fairness it was 7th grade but STILL).
  16. So old.
    My parents were married before PacMan existed.
  17. Fuck it being older has literally always been better than being younger in my book.
    "TWENTY SIX!!!"