Because you are what you impulse buy from that sneaky little roku machine.
  1. Because we drove all the way to Austin to see it in theaters and serendipitously stumbled upon Belle and Sebastian tickets that day.
  2. Because it's like a love letter to Texas and is undebatably Richard Linklater's masterpiece.
  3. Because "SOCIETY!"
  4. Because I married a heterosexual man in love with Julie Andrews. Plus who is easier to hate than the nazis?
  5. Because it wasn't on prime yet when I wanted to watch it 3 days in a row.
  6. Because it is the best film adaptation of Shakespeare ever and really pretty to look at.
  7. Because sometimes rewatching The Source Family on Netflix isn't quite enough whacked out hippie shit.
  8. Because Klaus Kinski is a human horror movie.
  9. Because you can't risk forgoing immediate access to this movie at any time.
  10. Because Charlton Heston was really good at acting before he went crazy and ruled the NRA and there is no better background noise on major family holidays.
  11. Because I can't let ABC family's programming lineup dictate my Christmas spirit.
  12. Because it's the best Christmas experience you can have short of a live production of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
  13. Because it was actually the last movie I ever purchased on VHS.
  14. Because Charlie Brown holiday specials are the law of the land.
  15. Because... I forgot why. Was probably intoxicated with the roku remote.
  16. Because Snoopy's World War One scene is so dated it's basically surrealism now.
  17. If you need a reason you need to get on my level of mid century scifi movie spoofs.
  18. Because Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Lester Bangs and Billy Crudup IS a golden god.