Future victim of constant snuggles, coming home 1/1/16.
  1. This one is my lock screen background.
    Cf61d304 59dc 4a24 ba13 a04058005a83
  2. Then theres's this one.
    Bf659897 0732 4737 9b1a c3e5d4ebc676
    Side note: those are not my fingernails.
  3. Also this one.
    Fb6cf745 fbb6 43aa b46f d2cc998f4f9d
    Still not my nails.
  4. Plus this one.
    2030b280 4d16 4891 ab73 c962166f3860
  5. Look at her flying! Her name is cleopatra clarice!!!
    Da202a4b 23e1 4386 90cb 7b2f873e66f3
  6. But we are going to call her Cleo.
    69cc3bc6 9534 489c bb76 731da9ba21ce
  7. Want need immediately !!!
    13a2c139 128a 4128 9b0a ae82c62e4d4f
  8. Ermagerd.
    90157e48 8817 4fcf 954a 0d1b5b9a37da