1. January: quit the job that was ruining me.
  2. February: hacked the system: went to the hospital. Finally started treatment for depressive episode #2.
  3. March: tied: birthday brunch at dish society & finishing infinite jest.
  4. April: actually I got nothing on April. It wasn't very good. Fuck April.
  5. May: tied: New Orleans & meeting josh+lucy
  6. June: Got my current job. Still totally tolerable.
  7. July: John and Saki eloped.
  8. August: Belle & Sebastian concert.
  9. September: 13 states in 10 days road trip.
  10. October: Halloween on 6th street.
  11. November: Sarah and Dave visited!!
    Honorable mention: Gabe's visit on Steve's birthday.
  12. December: put down payment on the puppy aka lump pup aka Cleopatra Clarice aka Cleo
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