Eh why not make it public?
  1. Gotta buy my coworker a gift by dec. 22
    She's a pregnant health nut who wears a lot of statement jewelry so this one's in the bag.
  2. Gotta buy a dog crate before lump pup gets here.
    Otherwise the poop and pee will not be contained. We must contain the poop and pee.
  3. Gotta vacuum.
    Because what are we? Irresponsible garbage people? Probably.
  4. Gotta clean the China and crystal.
    We rinsed it all but like haven't officially wash washed the thanksgiving dishes yet. Reiterating the irresponsible garbage people bit.
  5. Gotta make a dentist appointment.
    I really don't think I've been since 2011.
  6. Gotta make cookies.
    This Sunday. Or else I'll look like a dick at work for Monday's cookie exchange ugly sweater party.
  7. Gotta do other stuff.
    Like go to bed now and much moar.