The key to a casual life is aspiring to casual luxury.
  1. Increase the seriousness of my relationship with raw oysters.
    finally ate one in New Orleans and now need to plan a party with an oyster bar and vinegar sampling. Conundrum in that everyone we know locally is pregnant.
  2. Aggressively save money for a house.
    Debt is down credit score is up but the fact that we still live in Houston is a serious pitfall. Modify this goal to include moving to Austin.
  3. Get really flakey.
    Do way more yoga and buy more bath products and increase inventory of crystals and consider a career as a life coach.
  4. Get a really big tattoo.
    Because in five years we may be more serious about having kids and I'm pretty sure that's the kind of mom I want to be.
  5. Continue increasing artistic output.
    Recent success here.
  6. Get more toys for the dog.
    She goes through them so fast.
  7. Drink better wine.
    It's forgivable we have delayed this goal because Houston wine bars are all like age 55+ communities.
  8. Book Labor Day travel to San Diego. 🌴
    also book dog boarding for weekends friends are visiting.
  9. Dress better.
    Unironed clothing and dog fur covered everything may be holding you back in life.