Please enjoy this playlist
  1. Ghost Rider- Suicide
    This tune started my love affair with synthy tunes
  2. Success- Iggy Pop
  3. Got To Give It Up- Marvin Gaye
    If you don't move your body to this song, you're dead inside. Who hurt you?
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight- Elvis
    I would have given anything to have seen the King live just once
  5. New Feeling- Talking Heads
  6. Oh Oh I Love Her So- Ramones
  7. Breaking Glass- Bowie
    You're such a wonderful person, but you got problems oh-oh-oh-oh I'll never touch you. SO BADASS
  8. See No Evil- Television
  9. Love Gun- KISS
    Psst- it's his weiner
  10. You Make Loving Fun- Fleetwood Mac
    Controversial statement: I'm not a Fleetwood Mac fan, but I love this tune
  11. I Feel Good- Al Green
    It's so funky --my mom
  12. Sleepwalker- The Kinks
  13. Sonic Reducer- Dead Boys
    Used to love this album, it hasn't held up for me beyond this song
  14. Black Out- Bowie
    Because of course David Bowie put out two albums in 1977.
  15. I'm So Bored With The USA- The Clashing
  16. Do You Wanna Dance- Ramones
    Yes. Always.
  17. Who Needs You- Queen