I love you @maya for fostering this recent obsession of mine - I'm a newbie only seeing this most recent Bachelorette and now watching Paradise. So this is all new to me.
  1. Reasons
    Are you here for the right reasons? I'm here for the right reasons. He/She is NOT here for the right reasons! But NO ONE ever says what they're ACTUAL reasons are! For instance 1)spin offs 2) bone zoning 3) extra TV correspondent 4) love
  2. Abs for days
    Bachelor(ette) / Biggest Loser cross-over. Everyone has amazing bodies! Teach me!!
  3. Group Dates
    What's that now? 😳
  4. Hot tub hookups?
    Every one knows they are TERRIBLE. Why is this show perpetuating the idea it's sexy.
  5. Outfit changes
    How many gowns do these women have?
  6. Bad tattoos
    Has no one heard of cover ups? Except Kaitlyn, her tattoos were magical.
  7. Fake laughing
    You're not funny. Unless you're Kaitlyn, then you're hysterical.
  8. Love
  9. Tears
    So. Many. Tears.