some of the below has been validated and some is informal speculation
  1. Chapstick
    As in 'Do you have Chapstick?', 'Have you and 'Where is my Chapstick!'
  2. Things
    As in 'All the things!' and 'Why do we have so many things?!'
  3. Babe
    Baaaaabe? BABE!!!
  4. Hungry
    As in 'Are you hungry?', 'I'm SO HUNGRY!', 'How are you so hungry again?', and 'Hungry Like the Wolf holds up'.
  5. Wine
    As in 'Did you get wine?' Or 'Do we have wine?'
  6. UTI
    As in 'You gave me a UTI.',
  7. Bachelorette
    Is there a new episode on tonight???