Netflix's Current "Top Picks for Bernard"

  1. I don't know who this is
  2. Probably real great
  3. I love West Wing!
    While other kids watched Dragon Ball and Batman, I watched West Wing with my dad
  4. I love X Files too!
    I've only seen a handful of episodes curated by my friend Harrison though. Haven't seen any of the terrible episodes.
  5. Idk could be good
  6. It's Breaking Dad!!!!!
    I'll probably watch this eventually! I've seen some clips that are great.
  7. My parents watched this when it was airing
    And they loved it. But when I see the title I just wanna watch Raising Arizona.
  8. Um, no?
    I don't think I'd like it, and you have it rated at two stars for me, why is it a top pick for Bernard??????
  9. Uh what is this
  10. I am canceling my Netflix subscription