1. Had a water saving toilet installed
  2. Ate at Chipotle
  3. Wished the Chipotle near me was a ShopHouse
    Have you been? Thoughts? I think it's awesome.
  4. Adjusted my fantasy baseball lineup
    My team name is the Fenway Franks.
  5. Printed stuff from a USB at FedEx
  6. Updated my car's software from a USB
    Technology is crazy.
  7. Wore pants for the first time in 7 months
    shorts! shorts! shorts!shorts!shorts!
  8. Found out that Fenway Park has a rooftop garden called Fenway Farms, where they grow produce & herbs that are used in confession items
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  9. Walked to The Grove
  10. Listened to The Internet's new album, "Ego Death"