1. 1996-
    Fresh out the womb, hadn't thought about it yet
  2. 2000- one of those kids on Barney & Friends
    I thought they were the luckiest mf'ers
  3. 2002- never wanted to grow up
    I had decided that my destiny was to be 6 year old forever
  4. 2004- some kind of math guy
    I was really good at 4th grade math guys
  5. 2008- I just didn't want to be 12
    Prime age for Jaime's victims
  6. 2010- Pro futbol player
    This dream quickly dissipated over the span of 6 months
  7. 2012- doctor
    I like helping people, why not try this
  8. 2015- astronaut doctor
    Because if you're gonna dream big, it's best to aim for the stars