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  1. Ch 1: when I was a violent little child
  2. Ch 2: when I did too many extra curricular activities (and found out that sports was not my strongest suit)
  3. Ch 3: when I loved theater a little too much
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  1. Orchid
  2. Real cactus
  3. All the succulents
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Not trying to have kids for another 6-10 years though....
  1. Olive
  2. Norah
  3. Harper
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Got a late start. Messed up on the first day. Hopefully nobody but the two people that follow me on this thing see this. Inspiration from Bridget Jones's Diary (the book, not the movie) (am only reading it because I have to for my feminism class)
  1. Nov 4: 132 lbs: 1 bacon and 1 egg, chili, coffee w/ a sweet n low packet, 2 Michlob ultras, 2 medium sized slices of pizza. Overall feelings about these food choices 👎🏻
  2. Nov 5: 130 lbs: 1 bacon, 1 egg, coffee, chick fil a grilled chicken nugs, a rolling rock, a plate of pulled pork, a little bit of Bbq sauce and slaw..no bread 👍🏻...1/2 of a sun chip
  3. Nov 6: 129 lbs: 6 slices of turkey dipped in mustard...a grande cold brew from Starbucks. 5 really small pieces of a cauliflower crust pizza with a lot of veggies on it 👍🏻
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  1. Just look at my face
  2. Because Conor looks so drunk and happy is this picture.
  3. Me and Kate are the only ones looking at eachother in this pic and it's so funny
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Starting off strong....
  1. Musicals
  2. Taylor Swift's 1989 album
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