This is an on going process kids
  1. Do things as you think of them
    For example I had another opener for this list but I forgot because I didn't write it when I thought of it
  2. Living close to central places is not a big deal
  3. Food is expensive
    Even shitty food
  4. Food is also important
    Like cookies
  5. Never ever overestimate your alcohol tolerance
    You might be cool but you're not THAT cool
  6. Speaking of cool, coolness is relative and not important
  7. FOMO is fake and so are your feelings for your drunken hookup
  8. Go to unpopular places
    I'm not saying do hipster things but like go to the second best pizza place
  9. AC is overrated
  10. People are underwhelming in person
  11. Listening to conspiracy theory podcasts at 2 am will mess up your sleep schedule for a week
  12. You deserve soup dumblings
    They might make you take an ill-timed nap
  13. It's never too late to study
  14. %70 percent of the time people just have earphones on without any music
    And you are expected to do the same
  15. Waking up early is key it is also impossible
  16. I feel uneasy when plans aren't clear
    OK to be fair I knew this about myself before this year but I feel like it has been heightened this year
  17. Having your own home kinda really changes you
    More sense of responsibility and shit
  18. Friends are important
  19. Goodbyes are never satisfying
  20. Some crushes are just never going to pan out
    No matter how many times you subtly try or how many friends are rooting for you. It's just not time.