13 is NOT an unlucky number... There is no such thing.
  1. Appreciate each day, even the bad ones.
    We have a limited time on earth and even the bad days serve a purpose. They may be bad, but they are still a day where you can learn something.
  2. Depression and Anxiety have become so common, people refer to it in conversation and then ignore it.
    This is the new ADD, "everyone has it now" but depression is real and anxiety is self inflicted by our own unrealistic societal expectation. Depression is too common, ask for help if you can't handle it. That means ask for help, no one can handle it alone, if you could, you wouldn't be depressed.
  3. Don't base your happiness on what others have accomplished or present to the public
    Remember that everyone publishes their highlight reel, there is a behind the scenes and often it's not as pretty as you think.
  4. Being happy is not a "choice" but it's something you can work towards
    It's not easy, but everyone can be happy. Money doesn't buy happiness either, find things you love, do them as often as you can while being a contributing member to society.
  5. 50% of people are really stupid and there is nothing you can do, associate with those on the other 50%
    Half of all people are dumber than the most average person in the world... It's a fact. You are not in that 50%, read, listen, learn and share knowledge.
  6. Don't look for a job that's a "passion", those are few and far between, if even real.
    Look for a job that allows you to get the resources and time to do the things you are passionate about.
  7. Live small, love big
    Downsizing our home and living closer to you two has made me love you more than ever, even if I didn't think that was possible. Less square footage in our house has allowed us to be closer and THAT, was a great move... Since you two are my world.
  8. People will try to put you down...
    When this happens, look at number 5... Do your best, you two are smarter at 3 & 5 than many adults I know currently... Which means no one has a reason to put you down.
  9. Lean in
    When you do something, don't half ass it. Give things a real try, if it doesn't work, it didn't work.
  10. Be humble
    You are fortunate in many ways, smart and can do great things, do them. Be proud of yourself but don't ever rub your success on someone's face... It's tacky and classless
  11. Life is not short
    It's the longest thing YOU will do...
  12. Death is real
    It's coming and you can't avoid it, but you can enjoy life while you are here. Also your parents will die, it sucks, let's enjoy every minute together we can.
  13. Mom and dad love you more than anyone ever will
    As your father, I can guarantee you that.