I don't own a car, which is a good thing since I don't have a driver's license, so I spend a lot of time on buses, light rail and even boats to, from and in my job
  1. β€’
    The woman who kept hiding in her grocery bag to eat half a fennel/onion
    Impossible to see if it was an onion or a fennel. Equally weird: I'm rooting for the fennel
  2. β€’
    The skater kid who helped an old lady up the stairs
  3. β€’
    The woman who looked like Hatchetface from Cry Baby
  4. β€’
    The lacrosse guy in shorts and sports tights who zipped open his left trouser leg to take photos of his leg
  5. β€’
    The bus driver who saw me running and waited for me ❀️ 🚌
  6. β€’
    The two old ladies who talked about how many lovely and helpful people you meet when taking the bus πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ‘΅πŸΌ