As the summer weather is disappearing and the fall breezes and the leaves change colors, home decor is shifting from light airy colors to vibrant reds and cozy decor. Here are 10 of my favorite DIY projects for fall! See the whole list at
  1. Making A Throw Quilt: It is easy to switch out your decor – change some accent pillows, add a cozy throw blanket hanging across the back of your couch.
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  2. Maple Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders: Fancy up your candle light with these beautiful red and orange DIY holders.
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  3. Log Slice Vase: Ashby Design gives us an amazing step by step tutorial for their log vase. It would make a unique statement piece for your table during Thanksgiving!
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  4. Pumpkin Spice Soaps: What a great gift and a great way to add some fall smells into your bathrooms and kitchens. Let your guests enjoy your own DIY soap.
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  5. Wood Sliced Chalk Board: Make it any size you want – decorate your entrance leaving notes to your family and guests, use it in your kitchen or even your guest room! No matter how you use it, it looks amazing and brings that rustic fall feel into your home. All you need: wood slices and chalk paint!
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  6. DIY Leaf Bowl: Yes, fall is all about those maple leaves! Here’s another project brought to you by Crafts Unlished. Take a dollar store plastic bowl and cover it with plastic. Then take that Mod Podge you got for your Leaf Mason Jars and start applying onto the bowl. Trust me this will be a stunner when your guest show up for Thanksgiving dinner!
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  7. Making Twig Letters: I know, sounds weird, but I love that it brings that touch of rustic living into your house. Check out The Happy Housie‘s step by step tutorial to bring some of fall into your home.
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  8. Fall Wood Box Centerpiece: There are a lot of tutorials on this one, but this is brought to you by Idea Room. I’d give yourself a good amount of time to complete this, but it is a great addition to your dining room table.
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  9. 2×4 pumpkins: who needs real pumpkins when you can create these 2×4 pumpkins! It’s a great decor piece that you can pull out each year (as long as you keep it dry).
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  10. S’mores bar: Enough Said! Make a box out of 2×4’s, fill it with pebbles or sand, and add some Sterno cans. This is great fun for the whole family and you can still enjoy those campout evenings inside where it is nice and dry!
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