I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite shopping days are those when I can go to garage sales, estate sales, or thrift stores and find killer deals! Here are some creative ways to take those drab thrift store finds into total FAB pieces to add to your home decor. ee the whole list at unearthhome.com
  1. Fab Wall Art - rubber mat or high end art piece?
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  2. Unique Entryway Bench - thrift store dressed and made a show stopping entry way bench
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  3. Dresser to Office Desk - Thrifty and Chic took a dresser and made this perfect desk.
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  4. Mirror to Chalkboard - talk about a transformation!
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  5. Coffee Table to Stunning Bench
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  6. Cozy Ottoman - take a ran down coffee table and make it into a fab ottoman!
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  7. Silver Leaf Vanity - take a simple thrift store table & turn it into a glam vanity.
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  8. Revamped Chairs - take old chairs and freshen them up with some paint and new fabric!
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  9. Drab Dresser to Fab Cabinet - turn a ran down dresser to a stunning piece.
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