I started listening to Hello by Adele on repeat and started down the Adele Google rabbit hole & landed on images. Basically I have new hair goals!
  1. I should first add a photo of me so you know where I'm coming from..
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  2. Adele inspiration 1
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  3. Adele inspiration 2
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    It's almost fall right? Maybe I'll go to London so I can cuddle in the sweater too
  4. Adele inspiration 3
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    Because I never can pull off a pony tail.. Ever :(
  5. Adele inspiration 4
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  6. Adele inspiration 5
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    What I'll take to my hair stylist
  7. Adele inspiration 6
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  8. Adele inspiration 7
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  9. Adele inspiration 8
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    Amen my beautiful angel
  10. Adele inspiration 9
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    I mean....