Things From My Grandmas House I Actually Like

So you know that moment you walk into a house and you immediately know a grandma lives there. Well that's my weekend & although there isn't really any design to the house I do like a few pieces I could totally steal.
  1. This copper sail. It's beautiful & nautical which I love. She has it in the bathroom, but I wish it was in the guest room!
  2. The hall flowers. Granted I'm not a huge fan of the pot, I love the effort and I love the colors!
  3. The mini succulent garden. You know I love succulents so why not make a sea shell cactus garden..
  4. This pumpkin - it's all alone & so cute.
  5. These shelves. I hate the brick wall & the nick knacks, but the stone shelves look awesome!
  6. These plates I don't know why but they surround the kitchen & I love them.
  7. This boat thermometer that is randomly in the guest room... I don't know but it's super cute - but maybe outside under the porch