1. Doritos
    These tasty treats might seem harmless, but the crunch of both bag and chip, the unavoidable finger-licking, and the post bag nacho breath should make you steer clear.
  2. Mussels
    Mussels take a lot of work to extract from their shells. They also smell. And any food that requires a separate refuse container (save edamame) should not find a home on a conference room table.
  3. Leftovers
    Is gnawing on the bone from last night’s Jerk Chicken over a partially melted Tupperware container really what you want to be doing when you’re getting a pitch from a vendor?
  4. Tuna Fish Sandwiches
    Although the sandwich in general is one of lunches you can (and should) bring to a meeting if you don’t have time for lunch, the smell of tuna is just as pungent as the criticism behind you back after the meeting ends.
  5. McDonald's
    This bi-yearly treat should be saved strictly for airport consumption. On the conference room table it sends several messages including “They aren’t paying me enough” and “I’m not planning on being productive after 2pm today.”